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As well as programming, Meg hires/carries her own playback/monitor rigs available for dry hire, both are fully redundant systems hand built with passion, love and care. More rigs are set to join the family soon…

For all enquires, please contact:


It’s the digital age, and boy does Irene know it. No task is too great for her. MIDI needs sending to 7 keyboards, 3 SPDs, 5 pedal boards and lighting control? No problem. Need to change an arrangement in seconds. No sweat.

Ready for the demands & knocks of touring, she's small but mighty.

Irene’s Make-up:

iConnectivity PlayAudio12

iConnectivity mioXM

10x XLR Outputs

4x MIDI Inputs (1x DIN, 3x XLR)

4x MIDI Outputs (1x DIN, 3x XLR)

1x RTP-MIDI Port

PowerCON In & Out

Housed within a Flightcase By Skarding 2U Rack

& Peli 1510 Case

Sticker PNG.png


Rock steady, no fuss and straight to the point. No need for all those frills (although she is capable), Cynthia gets the job done and does it well, she always has your back.

She's large-ish but definitely in-charge.

Cynthia’s Make-up:

2x Cymatic uTrack24

1x Orchid Audio Switcher

8x XLR Outputs

16 MIDI Channels (1x DIN Port)

Roland FS-5U Footswitch

Housed within a shallow (9") 3U rack & an SKB hard case.

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Restrictive cables begone! Welcome to the land of frolicking freely on (and off) stage! No more need to be tethered to those bulky XLR IEM packs. Never again do the embarrassing forgot--I--was--plugged--in walk off, only to have your ears ripped off... Ouch! With Selma you're as free as the wind blows. 

Selma's Make-up:

4x Sennheiser ew IEM G4-GB Band Transmitters 

5x Sennheiser ew IEM G4 Receivers

Sennheiser AC41 Antenna Combiner

Sennheiser A2003 Passive Antenna

Housed within a Flightcase By Skarding 3U Rack

& Peli Air 1606 Case

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Need a playback rig built with your own specs? Get in touch to discuss further!

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